Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Dancing With Cats

Now wouldn’t that be an interesting TV show—cats dancing gracefully across the stage, displaying an occasional chasse, dos-a-dos, or feather step with a graceful leap now and then? Or what about a show featuring people dancing with their cats? In our house—especially in the kitchen—we engage in a dance of sorts with our cats as we attempt to get a drink of water, prepare dinner, or fix a sandwich. Lily has all sorts of moves she uses to make sure we know she’s there and hungry—Lily’s always hungry. It feels like trying to walk through Jello as Lily winds her way around my ankles and leans against my leg as I try to take a step. I do know a trick or two that deters her, however. Either I put her supper bowl down before I start a kitchen project or I pull a roll of tin foil wrap from the drawer. She hates the sound of tearing or crumpling tin foil and will usually leave the room.

Experts say, “Give your cat something to do.” “Spend more time playing with her.” The premise is that she won’t be so needy and in your face and in the way. But I believe there are some cats so fixated on food that there is no way to keep them out from under foot, except a closed door (how cruel). Even stepping on Lily’s paw is only a temporary solution. Of course, I don’t do that on purpose and it breaks my heart when this happens. But you’re bound to step on a paw once in a while when the cat becomes Velcro around your ankles anytime you’re in the kitchen.

It’s a good thing cats are so cute and endearing. As annoying as it can be to have a cat underfoot, I KNOW that if Lily stopped this activity, I’d actually miss our kitchen dances.

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2 Responses to Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Dancing With Cats

  1. Pearl Hilden says:

    I just read Cats Don’t Squeal in one sitting! Loved meetin Janet and sweet Pauline. Anxiously await your next adventure with Rags and the Ivey family.

    • Patricia says:

      Hi Pearl, Thank you so much for your comments. I fell in love with both characters too. Isn’t Pauline a dear? I may have a winter surprise for Rags’s fans. The work on Book 33–tentatively titled The Secret Claws, is coming along really well. Oh my, the escapades Rags engages in this time… Edge of your seat stuff.

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