Frivolous Friday – What Kind of Cat is That?

Oh my, what have they done to the cat? Do you remember the sweet-looking applehead Siamese cat? And the Persian with a pretty face and a real cat nose? Now there are the more Egyptian-looking Siamese—long and lean and the flat-face Persian with breathing and health problems.

Breeders have become creative in coming up with new breeds—some of which are mutations such as the short-legged munchkin and the odd-ear Scottish fold and, oh my, the levkoy, which is hairless and has strangely folded ears.

While some of these unusual cats have come into their own quite by accident, several were manmade or at least helped along by man (or woman). The rex, for example, is another mutation that people ran with in the 1950s. The LaPerm came into being in the 1980s and eh Selkirk in 1987. The hairless Sphinx wasn’t around until around 1960. And the Oriental shorthair was a work in progress until 1977. Believe it or not, the American curl is a natural breed discovered in 1981.

So while cats have been around for over 12,000 years, there certainly are a lot of new cat-kids on the block. I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the most unique cat breeds out there:

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