Thoughts for Thursday – NEW Klepto Cat Book: Number 32

Happy Holidays—there’s a new Klepto Cat Book on your horizon! Book number 32, Cats Don’t Squeal (the print version only) is available for your holiday reading pleasure.

In Cats Don’t Squeal, the klepto cat digs up a new kind of trouble. Rags enjoys a summer beach vacation with family and friends, but it isn’t all sunshine and gentle breezes for everyone. The wily cat makes a shocking discovery that puts Savannah’s freedom in jeopardy and puts Detective Craig on high alert. Will the detective be able to unravel the mystery that Rags has dug up in time to save Savannah? Can Rags help her out of this mess?

As you can see on the cover, the Ivey family embraces a new cat and to Michael’s chagrin, this purrfect pussy cat, Pauline, comes with a secret. In fact, this is a book of secrets. Enjoy the lovely beach weather and ambiance this winter and treat yourself to a fun cozy mystery. Cats Don’t’ Squeal is only available in print at this time. The Kindle version is in the works. Look for it sometime around the first of the year. In the meantime, order your hard copy of Cats Don’t Squeal at Amazon. Here’s the link: 


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