Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – When You Leave Your Cat Behind

When you prepare to leave the house, do you get “the look” from your cat? Do her eyes seem to be pleading for you to stay? Do you feel guilty for leaving and often assure her that you will be back? What do you think is going through her mind at that point? What is she thinking as you walk out the door?

And what about when you leave with a suitcase? How do you explain that to your cat? She knows by now this means she’ll have to sleep alone that night and maybe several more nights. Do you try to sneak away—you know, pack when she isn’t in the room because she makes you feel guilty for leaving her? I’ll bet you sometimes find your cat curled up inside your suitcase or sitting on top of it. Have you almost cancelled a trip because of her reaction? Do you sometimes cut a visit or shopping spree short because you know she’s waiting at home for you?

It’s really okay. She doesn’t want to go with you—remember, she hates the carrier and you’ve never gotten her used to a leash. She’s just a little spoiled because you feed her on demand, create a lap for her to curl up in, talk to her, give her nice massages and even treats. But she’ll be okay while you’re gone.

You’ve arranged for someone she’s familiar with to come in and clean her litterbox, feed her, and give her a little companionship a couple of times a day. You can also make her life more bearable by leaving a little soft music playing while you’re gone. Did you know there’s music designed for cats—to comfort them? Check it out here. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/355308040/music-for-cats-0 (There’s also monkey music, if you happen to have a monkey.)

But there’s more that you can do. Don’t close her in, for example. Leave a window blind open so she can watch the birds, other cats, and neighbors while you’re gone. Make sure her favorite toys are accessible. Maybe bring in a new one—one that offers a challenge—a treat pops out when she bats it or something like that. And be sure to leave something you’ve worn recently on the bed or sofa for her to lay on. She’ll love taking in your scent while you’re gone.

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