Mindful Monday – Something Special Coming Up for National Cat Day

Yes, this is National Cat Day and we’re going to celebrate all week. Well, most of us celebrate cats every day of the year. I remember, on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day asking my parents, “Why isn’t there a kid’s day?”

I was told, “Because every day is kid’s day.” In most households with beloved cats, everyday is cat day, too. But still, we set aside special days, weeks, and months for cats—Saturday it was Black Cat Day. We also celebrate Tabby Day, Answer Your Cat’s Question Day, National Cat Health Month, Respect Your Cat Day, Hug Your Cat Day, and others, along with many pet-related observances—all about pet sitters, holistic pet day, adopt a pet day and so forth.

So in honor of National Cat Day and the concept that every day is cat day, here’s this week’s schedule:

Tomorrow, we’re all about a new HEALTH twist on a product that cats use every single day in your home. Imagine having an easy and effective way to detect a possible illness in your cat—a diagnosis in a tray, if you will. If you have a cat who tends to have bladder problems, a cranky liver or pancreas, or if she seems under the weather for no apparent reason, you might be her first responder because of this new product.

Wednesday I’ll be sharing a very special guest post from a fellow Cat Writer Association member and cozy mystery author, Mollie Hunt. She will charm, entertain, and inform us about a growing phenomenon: the Cat Café. In fact, the next book in her Crazy Cat Lady Mystery series is called, Cat Café. Can’t wait to share this delightful post about a delightful book with you. That’s Wednesday.

Thursday, I’ll come up with something else about cats that’s on my mind. I don’t always plan my Thoughts for Thursday post ahead of time. I just go with whatever my cats suggest—you know, by their antics, actions, or mood. Or I might share a hint about what secrets the next Klepto Cat Mystery holds.

Friday is also up for grabs. As you know, I like to create an entertaining post for Frivolous Friday and sometimes I do it last minute. And sometimes I go with what you’ve asked for. So keep those comments coming.

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  1. Mollie Hunt says:

    An amazing line-up! Thanks for the Wednesday slot. Happy National Cat Day to all!

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