Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Scrapping Cats

Do your cats get along? Not all cats do, you know. Some cats adore one another and some seem to have deep contempt for each other. There are cats who really, really want to be friends with the others, and those that want nothing to do with another cat—no way, no how.

In our household, Lily and Sophie seem to like each other. They’re cordial, but not lovey-dovey. They seem concerned when the other one isn’t feeling well, but they don’t curl up together or eat together or anything like that. They also don’t hiss and snarl at one another. Only occasionally, do they get in a little snit. They’ll have a slapping match like this one over a tray of wheat grass.

Most cats, it seems, even those who originally resent the introduction of another cat into the household, will eventually establish a working relationship with that cat. They’ll at least tolerate each other. We’ve had cats get along just fine unless one walked to close to the other one while he was eating or tried to snuggle or something brazen like that. Then there might be a hiss or growl or swat.

If you have a problem with your cats, maybe Jackson Galaxy can help. I spent some time at his website this morning—what a treasure-trove of ideas and solutions he offers—from bathing a cat to leash-training, and learning whether or not your cat has dementia to handling aggressive cats and everything in between. https://www.jacksongalaxy.com/blog

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