Newsday Tuesday – What’s New For Cats

More and more often when I meet someone or run into an old friend the conversation turns to cats. I suppose that’s because I write cozy cat mysteries. And I always learn something new. At a recent class reunion a former classmate told me how she makes sure that the right cat in her household is getting the right food. One of them is on a prescription food. I was very interested in this because we have to stand sentry duty when we feed our cats. Lily is on a prescription food, but she prefers the over-the-counter stuff that Sophie gets. So we have to watch that Lily doesn’t sneak over to Sophie’s dish. Each cat has a station where they eat. They can’t see each other, but we can watch them. Works for us—most of the time. However, there’s a better solution. Have you ever heard of the microchip activated feeding bowl for cats?

Yes, there is such a thing. Only the cat with the right chip can open the lid on the bowl. So in our case, we would have two chip-activated bowls—one for Sophie and one for Lily. Here’s one such bowl. There are many others.

There are also slow-feed bowls for cats who tend to eat too fast or who need more stimulation activities:


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  1. Mollie Hunt says:

    We have a chip- activated station for Little, because she has Rx food, but also because the boys will eat everything in sight. She still would rather eat from a regular bowl, but it basically works well. I have a friend with 8 senior and special needs cats. She has chip stations for 4 cats and they work well. I recommend them highly.

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