Mindful Monday – When the Folks Are Away What Are the Cats Doing?

I couldn’t resist snapping this picture of Lily peering out through the window a couple of days ago, apparently waiting anxiously for my return. I’ve been gone a lot over the last two weeks and I think Lily really missed me. She stays closer to me when I’m home. She looks suspiciously at me when I change my clothes as if she’s afraid I’m getting ready to leave again. Thankfully, she has Sophie to keep her company.

Our absence affects Sophie too. She becomes more needy when we’ve been gone for too long. I wonder, do they really miss us because they love us or are they just afraid that if we leave their next meal will be late?

What do your cats do when you’re gone? I wonder how many hours Lily sits at the window waiting. Sophie will sometimes cry at the door when we’re outside. As soon as we come back into the house, she settles down.

Some cats are destructive when their people are gone. As soon as they leave, the cats begin unrolling the toilet tissue, shredding paper, chewing on plants, helping themselves to whatever food might be left on the counter, knocking over water glasses, etc. Do you suppose that’s their way of making a statement? “Do not leave me alone or else!”

Here’s an interesting article with an entertaining slide show with tips for leaving your cat alone. The take-away value of this piece is that, yes, cats do miss us. They need routine, stimulation, and company. If you leave your cat(s) alone frequently or if you’re planning a trip, you might want to consider making some changes for your cat’s sake. https://www.petmd.com/cat/slideshows/leaving-your-cat-alone-9-things-you-need-know

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