Frivolous Friday – No Wonder You Can’t Catch Your Elusive Cat

Did you know that an ordinary house cat can run at a top speed of 30 miles per hour? Not all cats, of course, but the fastest speed recorded for a house cat is around 30 miles per hour. But cats do not have much endurance. According to experts, they need a nap (or at least a breather) after only a few seconds. One minute seems to be the limit for most speedy cats.

Which breeds can run the fastest? Not surprisingly, that would be the manx, Siamese, Abyssinian and some of the exotics, such as the Savannah and Bengal.

Can a dog outrun a cat? Sure some can—the greyhound, for example. But certainly not a bull dog.

You’re probably not surprised to know that the fastest animal alive is the Cheetah who have been clocked at 75 mph. Can you imagine being passed on the freeway by a Cheetah?

So the next time your cat escapes and you want to catch up to him, he may get away from you, but remember he can only maintain his speed for a short period of time. Of course then he can climb, hide, jump up on top of things out of reach, probably out maneuver you with their agile moves. It’s no use. A cat who does not want to be caught is a cat who gets to roam free.

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