Thoughts for Thursday – Exotic Cats as Pets: Yes or No?

I watch some of the veterinarian programs on the National Geographic TV channel and notice that some states seem wide open when it comes to adopting and keeping exotic wild animals. Others not so much. It seems to me that no one should be allowed to have any pet without a total understanding of what it takes for its care—whether it’s a kitty cat or a tiger cub, a raccoon baby or a python. So often the vet visits on these shows are because the owner just doesn’t know how to care for this particular animal.

Today I want to discuss some of the newer breeds of house cats allowed in, at least, some states—first, you should know that 21 states ban all wild animal species as pets. This includes most of the western states. Other states allow exotic wild animals as pets with permits. AL, NV, NC and WI have no laws about wild animals as pets.

I think we’re all aware of rescue organizations for just about any breed of cat and dog now. You can adopt a purebred animal through rescue organizations. There are also rescue organizations for big cats.

Are you familiar with some of the wild cat breeds people keep as pets now? There’s the Savannah—a cross originally between a serval and a Siamese. There’s the Bengal (Asian Leopard cat mixed with a domestic cat), Chausie (jungle cat and domestic cat) and the Safari cat (Geoffroy’s cat bred with the Egyption mau or an Occicat.

Every heard of a Caracal? There are people in some state (Florida, for example) who are raising them. Check this out:

Here’s a site focusing on the serval


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