Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Cats of a Different Color

It’s always a crapshoot when you decide to bring a new cat or kitten into the household. You wonder if this cat will get along with the resident cat(s) because not all cats will create a harmonious bond. Generally, it’s recommended that you separate the new cat from the current cats so they won’t tangle. You want them to get to know one another gradually, through their scent from under a door, for example. Once the cats are brought together, it should be with supervision. And only when they’re both accepting, should you leave them alone together.

Some cats never establish a harmonious relationship. One might bully the other and sometimes their aggression is dangerous. But generally, the two cats find a way to get along either by ignoring each other or interacting like devoted siblings would.

In our household, Lily and Sophie are cordial. They seem to like each other, but they don’t dote on one another. And they occasionally have a minor standoff—probably just for fun.

I’ll never forget the time I brought little Katy (a sweet Himalayan kitten) home to meet Daisy (an almost year-old calico). Katy so wanted to be friends and Daisy didn’t want anything to do with the cute little intruder. As I wrote in my book of true cat tales, Catscapades, Daisy reduced Katy to dust-ball status. Katy hid under furniture for much of her first week at home. When I wanted to spend time with the kitten, I had to drag her out from under the bed or a side table.

One night Katy had the courage to join Daisy and me on the bed, only Daisy was not happy. She growled at Katy, but this time Katy growled back. I was glad to see she was getting a backbone—good for Katy. The two kittens slapped at each other a few times and growled even more loudly. I needed my sleep, so I attempted a technique I’d used a time or two. I imagined each kitten enveloped in pink light (depicting love). I visualized the light going from one kitten to the other and back again. After just a few minutes, they both settled down and went to sleep, each on one side of my legs.

The next morning, when I awoke and found them gone, I felt a sense of panic. Where were they? Was Daisy picking on Katy again? I was extremely pleased to discover the little darlings in the kitchen eating kibbles from the same bowl. And those two turned out to be best-friend cats. They came to adore one another. Don’t you love a happy ending?


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