Newsday Tuesday – Honoring the Cat

Have you heard about the cat that’s being honored at the Southwark Cathedral in London with a permanent statue in her likeness? Evidently the cat was rescued from the streets and adopted into the church during the 2008 Christmas season. They named her Doorkins Magnificat. They figure her to be about thirteen years old now and they want to preserve her memory once she passes. The statue is being created by students at a local art school and it will have a special place along one of the walls amidst human heroes and other honorees. Doorkins is the first animal to be honored in this way at the cathedral. Here’s the story.

We’ve talked about a lot of cat-related objects, businesses, and so forth here in this blog. There are enough cat-oriented places to visit throughout the world to keep a cat-lover busy for a lifetime. There are cat cafés, the cat train in Japan, cat hotels and spas, cat shows, a cat circus, cat-related shops, live shop cats in many businesses. But did you now there are also cat museums? The Cat Fancier’s Association runs the Feline Historical Museum in Alliance, OH. There’s also a more quaint home-grown museum in North Carolina called the American Museum of the House Cat. A group has been attempting to open a cat museum in San Francisco for quite a while, but evidently don’t have the funds together yet. In the meantime, there have been temporary traveling exhibits displayed throughout the area.

You might be interested to know that the International terminal at the San Francisco Airport has a display of caticons which will be on exhibit through April 21, 2019. These exhibits and activities should keep you busy, should you travel with cats in mind this fall.


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