Frivolous Friday – Happy Cat Month

No one wants a grumpy cat or one that’s unhappy, ill, angry, or fearful, right? We all delight in our cats being relaxed, healthy and happy. The CATalyst Council, a nationwide council of several organizations, has set aside September as Happy Cat Month in order to help cat owners create an atmosphere and a demeanor that will most likely support and encourage happy cats in our home.

They suggest that if your cat hasn’t seen a veterinarian for the last six months, it’s time for a well-check. Do you notice the condition of her fur, eyes, ears, mouth? Do you pay attention to what she leaves in the litter box and any changes to her litter box habits? What about her eating habits? Any changes there? Have you checked her claws lately? Do they need to be trimmed? Happy Cat Month is a good time to catch up with her veterinary care, like I said, if it’s been over six months since she’s seen her veterinarian.

The Catalyst Council recommends other things you can do to insure that your cat is a happy cat. Is she maintaining a good weight? If not, with your veterinarian’s help, consider a new feeding routine. Is she regularly stimulated by new toys, changes in the location of her cat tree? When’s the last time you added something new for your cat—an empty box, a cozy cat tunnel? You can even spread a blanket over an arm chair or sofa for your cat to cozy under. They especially enjoy a “tent” in cooler weather. What about a water fountain for your cat? Many cats find running water quite a fascination.

What about play time? Is it time to revive a game they used to love or come up with something new to entertain her (and you)?

Let’s all come up with something that will make our cats happy and share it here at this blog. Our girls have had their well-check within the last six months and their eating habits and food quality was discussed and adjusted at that time. So, for Lily, I think I’ll save used paper, crunch them into wads, and throw them across the living room for her to chase. She especially loves leaping for the paper wad.

For Sophie, I’m going to purchase a container of cat grass. She’s on a grass kick, lately, and all we can bring in for her to munch on are weeds as here in this drought-stricken area of CA, no one supports a lawn any more.

While I’m at the pet store, I think I’ll see what they have in innovative toys our girls might enjoy. What about you?

Here are some additional ideas for you and your cat to celebrate Happy Cat Month.

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