Mindful Monday – It’s Getting Dark Out: Do You Know Where Your Cat is?

How often have you wondered where your cat goes and what she does all day when she’s out of your sight? I think we’ve all had indoor-outdoor cats and some of us still do—my mother, for example. Her cat, Smokey, is my inspiration for Rags, the star of my Klepto Cat Mysteries. He’s an interesting fellow—loves being out-of-doors. Mama envisioned Smokey growing up to be a total inside cat, but he had his own ideas. He loves to roam the neighborhood. He equally adores lap time and just lounging in the middle of the room when there are visitors sitting around. I’m convinced that he thinks we’re all there just to admire him.

A major topic of discussion where Smokey’s concerned is where does he go when he disappears during the day. When he doesn’t respond to my mother’s soprano trill of “Here, kitty-kitty-kitty,” where is he? Does he hide just out of sight and purposely refuse to obey or is he far, far away exploring? Some cats lead a double life. They might have a second adoring human who dishes out treats, petting, and even food. My mother actually fed such a cat for several years. Gibbs showed up day after day for a handout and Mama obliged.

Do you wonder where your cat spends her days? You might be surprised to learn that keeping tabs on your cat is as easy now as looking at your iPhone. Here’s an article you might find interesting. https://www.forbes.com/sites/annatobin/2018/09/07/cats-are-losing-their-secret-private-lives-to-this-tech/#18f9f61119a3

Yes, there are tracking devices designed for cats. They’re easy to use and not all that expensive. During my research, I located cat-tracking devices for anywhere from $3.99 to $150. There’s even one with an alarm that reminds the cat when it’s time to come home and eat. Say what? I wonder if that manufacturer has ever owned a cat. Well, in case you’re interested, here’s one of several sites that sell tracking devices for cats. https://pawtrack.com/

I wouldn’t be surprised if I start getting hate mail from your adventuring cats telling me to mind my own business and let them roam in peace.

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