Mindful Monday – Cats and Books


It cracks me up how and where I find ideas for this blog (and for the Klepto Cat Mystery stories, by the way). Last week I visited the restroom in my chiropractor’s office and saw a photograph of a cat sitting on a shelf of old books and thought, “Now that’s a nice theme.” I also have a t-shirt picturing a cat lounging with books. It says, “Cats and Books: Life is Good.”

What is it about cats and books that warms a heart? I think it’s a calming concept. What is more relaxing than the thought of curling up on a rainy (or a sunny) day with a cat and a good book? When the book has a cat in it, the experience is even more priceless. When you read a Klepto Cat Mystery while snuggling with your cat, you might gaze into her eyes at some point and say, “Boy I’m glad you’re not a naughty klepto like Rags.” Or you might say, “Gosh, you’re boring next to Rags and his feline friends. All you do is sleep and eat.”

Well, there’s no comparing Rags to any single cat as he’s actually a compilation of cats I know and have known. That’s where he gets his over-sized purrsonality.

Yesterday, I came in possession of yet another cat book. I walked down to my favorite bookstore, BookEnds, which is actually an old church that’s been transformed into a unique bookstore with tons of collectibles and curiosities. Marsha handed me a book—a gift. It’s old and charming. I looked it up and I believe it was published in 1903. Are any of you familiar with S. Louise Patteson’s “Letters from Pussycatville?” She also wrote “Pussy Meow: The Autobiography of a Cat” in 1901. Collectibles, for sure.

Wishing you and yours a purrfect labor day, hopefully with your favorite cat and, if circumstances allow it, a good read. If you haven’t read it, pick up the latest Klepto Cat Mystery, Revenge at Its Felinest. It’ll keep you on the edge of your seat and delight you all at once.

Me? While I’ll most likely spend the early hours of the morning continuing the editing for Book 31, my afternoon will be spent at a family beach barbecue. Can’t wait!

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