Newsday Tuesday – Clear the Shelters Day

This is a wonderful story of adoption sponsored by NBC and Telemundo TV. And it was a huge success. Over 1,200 shelters participated and over 70,000 animals were adopted. You should see the pictures of the happy pets and excited new pet owners. See them here:

For a period last month, shelters discounted their adoption fees—some actually waived them altogether—and thousands of cats and dogs who might, to this day, still be waiting for someone to love are happy in loving homes.

From Chicago to the Bay Area, Tulsa to Boston, in Detroit and Dallas, beautiful and not so beautiful animals were saved from euthanasia by such sponsors at the Bissel Pet Foundation who seriously supported this event. And it appears that this even occurs not only in August, but on other dates throughout the year. If you know someone who would be a loving, responsible pet owner, but who can’t afford the adoption fees, encourage them to participate in the next Clear the Shelter Day and save an animal from death or a life in a cage. Here’s the official site.


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