Thoughts for Thursday – The Cat in the Window

A cat without windows is unimaginable to me. For much of my life I’ve had inside/outside cats. My cats have all been totally indoors for the last forty years or so—with the exception of one rescued calico who insisted on having outdoor privileges. She refused to use the litter box. No she didn’t have accidents. She absolutely insisted on going outside—even in the rain. But she also enjoyed lolling around indoors with the other cats and, like all of the other cats we’ve ever had, she enjoyed gazing out the windows.

Windows and cats—they actually make for interesting photography. It’s fun watching a cat at the window, as she reacts to her experience. She might chatter when seeing a bird—my cats and I enjoy bird-watching together. Sophie gets excited when she sees another cat outside. And she lets me know by her posture if someone’s walking by or coming up our walkway.

I once had a cat who found an otter in our yard. It was raining and our Turkish van girl was sitting on a windowsill looking out with big eyes. I joined her just to see what had her interest and there, diving in and out of a little pond in the back yard was—I rubbed my eyes a couple of times to make sure—yes, it was an otter. He was having the time of his life in the rain. He was especially happy when he discovered our pool and we had a blast watching him. We later discovered he was a pet. He’d escaped and, when the rain stopped—a day or two later—and we’d finally found the owner, he arrived with a ferret to ferret him out from under our tack room. They were friends and the ferret did, in fact, entice the otter out so they could catch him and take him home.

You never know what might be lurking in your yard until you have a cat at the window.


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