Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Litter Box Art

Sometimes I just can’t resist sharing Lily’s artwork, even if it comes from the litter box. Does your cat pee interesting shapes for you? Does she claw designs in the litter—something that looks like a bird or a fish, perhaps? Maybe your cat spills sand out of the box and smears it around to make recognizable designs. What? You’ve never noticed? Not an art connoisseur, huh?

A while back, Lily peed an owl shape. Dang, I didn’t photograph that one. But I did have it verified by someone else. Yep. It sure looked remarkably like an owl. Most typically, however, I find hearts and kitty-cat faces, such as those I’m showing here today.

How do I know it’s Lily doing the artwork? Well, she’s my artistic girl. Plus, she’s the one with kidney disease and a gigantic bladder. She drinks tons of water, thus pees a lot and leaves big clumps. Sophie’s clumps are tiny and always round. Her art simply lacks the imagination that Lily’s does.

When Lily was a kitten, she used to scratch patterns on the walls. Sorry, I didn’t think to get pictures. Underneath the white paint in the hallway, was orange—of all things. The walls were in need of a paint job and Lily, I guess, decided to help prepare the walls for the painter. Every day, she’d find a spot on those walls and scratch away the white paint to reveal little orange designs.

When I came across a book called, “Why Cats Paint?” I was fascinated. I bought it, of course and delighted in the photos of cats painting on walls, refrigerators, boxes, etc. If you’ve never seen it and you appreciate art, you must check this book out.

Maybe studying what’s in the litter box had never occurred to you. But I’ll bet that, after seeing Lily’s unique “pee-art” you’re going to pay attention.

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  1. Mollie Hunt says:

    Maybe you should give her paints. Have you heard of Quint, the painting cat? He is amazing!

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