Thoughts for Thursday – Where is Your Cat From?

I think most of us know that the Siamese cat originated in Siam—now Thailand, and the Persian is from Persia—now Iran, the Turkish van is from Turkey, the Savannah has roots in Africa, and the Abyssinian comes from Abyssinia–now Ethiopia.

If you’re looking for an all-American breed, consider these cats: Maine coon, ragdoll, Himalayan, Bengal (believe it or not), and the American bombay. Here’s an interesting site showing some of America’s favorite breeds.


We have a blog tour coming up next week!! I’ll post the schedule tomorrow so you can cruise along with us and peek into some of the fascinating things that go on behind the scenes here in the Klepto Cat Mystery workshop. Even our tortie, Sophie, is taking the limelight and she’s sharing a rarely-before-told secret. There’s a hint in this photo.

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