Newsday Tuesday – Cats on Patrol

Why not introduce cats into police departments? Cats seem to have infiltrated every other area of our lives—as rescue animals, service animals, support animals…they take on jobs, offer comfort. And in some precincts, they even protect the community. How? By helping to sooth stressed employees, calming lost or abused children and other victims, and keeping the rodent problem down. Besides, every work environment should have a feline mascot.

Take Pawfficer Donut, for example. She works at a police station in Troy, Michigan. Here’s a cute story about this police cat.

There are also cats keeping citizens safe in Lindenhurst, Illinois; Columbia, SC, and Port Lovaca, TX. Mister Meanor, the cat at the Lindenhurst Police Station is known to yell at prisoners when the sees them being taken to a cell. Now that’s unique.

A police department in Australia that depends on horses for upholding the law has “hired” a cat to keep the rodent population down in the stables.

And most of these cats are aptly pampered. Here are a couple of additional links showing cats on patrol:

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