Mindful Monday – Who Owns Cats? Plus Let’s Celebrate the Tabby!

It used to be that cats were associated with old people—you know, the little old lady who lives alone with her cat. But that’s no longer the case. Even the hippest among us might have one or more cats. Young and old alike from all walks of life volunteer at animal shelters, manage feral cat colonies, campaign on behalf of cat welfare, solicit funds for local fire departments to purchase pet oxygen masks, and more.

Yes, men and women of all ages love and care for cats. Practically everyone I know has one or more cats. Is that because cat people are attracted to other cat people?

Here in the US, there’s certainly a large segment of society who can’t resist a kitten or a needy cat. But the Japanese win the prize for the highest percentage of cat ownership in the world. And they seem to be first and foremost with so many creative ideas with regard to cats. They came up with Hello Kitty, the cat train (where kittens ride in hopes of going home with a passenger), cat cafés, and, perhaps, the only island where there are more resident cats than people. They probably have the largest feral cat population in the world, too.

In Malaysia, cats are considered good luck. If traveling there, be sure to visit the Kuching Cat Museum. And you’ll even find cats in celebrities’ homes. You might be surprised at some of the celebrities who are crazy about their cats. Ricky Gervais, for example, from The Office. Actor, James Franco, has posed for a calendar with his cat. The rock star, Morrissey is a hardcore cat lover as is Drew Barrymore. Cher evidently often shares stories and pictures of her cat, Mr. Big, on Instagram and Twitter. Even George Clooney has a pet cat, as does John Travolta.

So we cat lovers are in good company even if some of us are crazy cat ladies.

Celebrate Your Tabby

Today is National Tabby Day. If you have a tabby—that is, a cat with either long or short hair and with shades of black, grey, and white or orange and white stripes, dots, patches and/or swirls, celebrate him or her today. Our Lily is considered a dilute torbie because her tabby markings also include smidges and smudges of orange and her markings are soft and subtle.

Did you know that the tabby coat pattern is the most predominant among cats? Maybe that’s because it was handed down from the original African wild cat. And many tabbies have the M marking on their forehead. Here’s a great site with a lot more information about our precious tabby kitties. http://savvypetcare.com/glorious-tabby-cat/

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