Newsday Tuesday – Imperfect Cats That Make Purrfect Pets

Just like with people or any other species, cats are sometimes born with deformities or afflictions. Sometimes there’s an accident or an illness that requires amputation. In most cases, the cat continues on, adapting to his plight. And sometimes there’s a perfect human companion ready and able to love such a cat.

I came across this story of Sam and Scooter—and what a great love story it is. Sam started out hating cats and now is a wonderful companion to Scooter, a cat with a spine deformity that renders his back legs useless. Shhhh. Don’t tell Scooter that he’s handicapped. Here’s the story and some video that will warm your heart.

If you’ve ever considered taking in a special-needs cat or you’ve somehow acquired one and you are at a loss as to how to help him, you must visit this site. This provides detailed tips and help for properly caring for cats with all sorts of problems—blindness, amputations, paralysis—and there are ideas for making things easier for the aging cat.

While often the cat shows his human how it’s done by adapting to challenges all by himself, it’s wise for any caretaker of any cat, especially those with special needs, to have some knowledge of the cat’s requirements and limitations as well as his abilities. Cats that are challenged in some way will often find some incredibly creative ways to overcome. All they need is an understanding, caring person at their side (or as it is with most cats, at their beck and call). Check out this site.


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