Mindful Monday – What the Internet is Teaching us About Cats

Cats seem to be taking over the Internet. Is it just me or has there been an enormous increase in cat-related posts, articles, videos, and so forth? I still maintain that the Internet has been good for the cat. People, who may have never paid much attention to cats are learning volumes about them. They’re smiling and even laughing at the sweet videos and photos of cats and kittens. They’re feeling sympathy toward abused and forgotten cats and understanding more about the species.

Knowledge leads to questions, thus we learn even more. And the more we learn about a topic, the more invested we might become in it.

I’d really like to know how many former non-cat people have adopted a cat or two because of the Internet. Are people looking at the stray cats in their neighborhood with more kindness and, perhaps, offering a little help? And what have you learned about your fluffy housemate since the Internet came into play?

Certainly, I’ve picked up a ton of information since I’ve been writing this Catscapades blog. Just about every time I post here I learn something new from an expert or professional or just by talking about some of my own experiences and thoughts. Another thing I learn every time I post is how much more I have to learn. How about you? How has the Internet influenced your relationship with your own cats, the way you look at the species, and/or your level of interest in a particular cat-related issue or breed, for example?

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