Newsday Tuesday – Here We Go Again—Cats Versus Dogs

Even though it seems that the Internet has gone hog wild with videos of and information about cats, dogs still come out on top in most competition. For example, there are around 400 breeds of dogs and only about 40 cat breeds. And dogs are still studied more than cats are. According to researchers, dogs have been domesticated longer than cats—which actually should make cats more intriguing. Don’t you think so? Yes, more research is being done with regard to dog behavior, health, ailments, genetics, and so forth. While cats are chosen when it comes to researching certain diseases—cancer, for example, they just aren’t as interesting to most researchers for a variety of reasons.

Some say that cats are more difficult to study because they don’t cooperate. They don’t do what they’re told. Which is also why some of us are attracted to cats, don’t you think so? However, it may surprise you to know that cats can be trained. Stay tuned. That’s going to be my theme for tomorrow’s blog post.

So is it true that dogs rule the Internet over cats? According to a simple search by James Gorman, author of an article published in the New York Times in February, there were 2,850,000 results for dogs and only 1,670,000 for cats. That surprises me, actually. It seems like the Internet is brimming with cats. But perhaps I’m thinking of cute videos and the reporter was searching for something more specific.

Anyway, I think you’ll enjoy reading this fascinating article. I loved the comment by one of the people Gorman interviewed. When asked why there are more studies related to dogs than cats, he said, “Probably because cats won’t consent.”

Hmmm, I wonder if there are more jokes, sayings, phrases, quotes about cats than about dogs? Anyone want to do the research to find that out?

Here’s the link to the NY Times article. Enjoy:

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  1. kathy says:

    Dogs come when you call them cats take a message and may get back to you. But I love them.

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