Frivolous Friday – Cats and Flowers

Cats and flowers seem to go together. A bouquet or garden of flowers is just the right background or foreground for cat photography. And a picture of flowers really comes to life when there’s a cat present.

This is the time of year when we tend to bring flowers into the house to enjoy the beauty and the scent. But beware. Many—I mean MANY plants and flowers are toxic to cats. A few years ago, I visited a nursery to purchase a plant for my office. I told the proprietor, “I have cats. It will have to be nontoxic to cats.” So she began looking up the various plants we thought would work and most of them claimed to be toxic to cats. Needless to say, I went home empty-handed. In fact, I bought an artificial plant to use in my office.

We know that lilies are poison to cats, as are poinsettias. But were you aware that chrysanthemums, daisies, and amaryllis are toxic to cats? And gardenias, iris, jade plant, pothos, tulip and narcissus bulbs as well as daffodils and—yes, it’s true—marijuana.

The ASPCA gives an extensive list of plants toxic to animals—choose “cats” to view those plants you don’t want to bring into your home if you have cats. They list 417 of them.

Now it has been my experience that if these plants are growing out of doors, cats will generally avoid them. But you really have to be careful when bringing a bouquet or a potted plant inside. If your cats are indoor-only, they are interested in everything you bring in and if it is green and living, even more so. Protect your precious kitties—educate yourself about the dangers.

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