Thoughts for Thursday – Beautiful Health Gifts From Your Cat

Now this will make you want to go hug your cat!!!

A couple of days ago I was reading something and one sentence caught my eye. “Owning a cat can cut your chance of having a heart attack by one-third.” Now that’s quite a statement and a promise. Sure, I’ve read and written many times about the benefits of spending time with one or more cats. And you’ve heard the benefits before and it’s always reassuring and confirming to read them again.

Those of you who aren’t aware of these studies and who aren’t giving your sweet kitty-cat the accolades she deserves, might view her a little differently after reading today’s post.

According to a 2006 Canadian study, cats are more effective than medication in preventing heart disease. Out of the 4,435 subjects (aged 30 to 75), those who did not have a cat had a forty-percent higher risk of having a heart attack and a thirty-percent greater risk of dying from other heart diseases than those who do have or have had a cat. Read the full study here:

Cat owners are also less likely to be at risk for having a stroke than any other pet owner. Experts say this could be because cats are relatively low-maintenance.

Spending time with your cat can actually lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and boost immunity.

Now do something good for your health today and every day. Go hug your cat.

Tomorrow, I’ll talk about the emotional benefits of owning a cat.

(This is a photo of my 96-year-old mother and Smokey, the cat who inspired Rags’s character in the Klepto Cat Mysteries.)

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