Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Cats Can Sell Anything!

A neighbor gave me a poster once for my birthday and it is a collage of cats used in advertising. Maybe you recall the cats on Old Tom and Three Cats match boxes. Are you old enough to remember that Cortecelli and J&PCoats thread used a cat in advertising materials? Are you familiar with Dr. Thomas Eclectic Oil and the ad with a variety of cats and kittens around a world globe?

Most of you reading this probably stop what you’re doing to watch a TV commercial that includes a cat. How about the one advertising a particular litter. The cute kids have a tangerine kitten that “Mom doesn’t know we have him.” And my current favorite, the Swiffer commercial where the long-haired cat tears around the house leaving fur everywhere. And who could forget Morris the finicky cat?

I love the images of vintage cats, don’t you? Here’s a site that shows a lot of them. Check it out, if you’re over 50, you might see some cats you recognize. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/165366617542635312/

And here’s another site that includes cats helping to advertise a Corvette, cod liver oil, carpets, baking powder, even cigarettes. My favorite is the adorable vintage cat all dressed up and wearing a pair of eye glasses. That one’s advertising an optical company.


There are also some more subtle uses of cats in advertising that you may not have ever noticed. Like the cats appearing on the emblem of older Ford cars. I don’t recall noticing that.


It just occurred to me that cats also sell my Klepto Cat Mystery books–the cats on the cover, of course, and the cat I named Rags who has charmed so many readers.

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