Frivolous Friday – 4 More Reasons Why Having a Cat is Healthy

When you feel the need for a hug and there’s nobody around to give it, what do you do? If you’re like many, you invite your cat into your lap and pet her. Listening to her purr and looking down at her sweet face while petting her silky fur can feel like a hug. And this can also relax you, distract you from your worries, and put a smile on your face. All good, right? Everyone needs a hug now and then and validation. What is more validating than the squinty-eyed look of pure bliss on your cat’s face when you’re petting her?

At least one study indicates that when you own a cat you are more social. I’ve sure noticed that my ninety-six-year-old mother starts a lot of conversations with stories about her interesting and clever cat. And if you’re a man seeking companionship, your chances of attracting a good woman is heightened if you have a genuine affinity for cats. It’s true!

Cats can squelch that feeling of loneliness. As most cat owners know, cats are great companions. To outsiders and those who have never warmed up to a cat, the feline presence in a home might not seem significant. Cats come and go, seem aloof and detached. But to those of us who live with a cat, we experience the special bond that can develop. In fact, a Swiss study concluded that owning a cat is similar to having a romantic partner.

A 2009 study has revealed an even more interesting fact. Owning a cat instead of a dog reduces your carbon footprint. According to this study, the resources needed to feed a dog make the same eco-footprint as that of a Hummer. A cat, however, because she eats less and is more likely to eat fish than corn or beef flavored foods, have a carbon footprint more similar to that of a Volkswagen Golf.

Now those are a couple of facts you can bring up at your New Year’s Eve Party.

Wishing you a most Catty New Year and a Purrposeful 2018

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