Newsday Tuesday – Are You More Philosophical Because of Your Cat?

I found this article quite interesting and thought you might, too. It deals with the concept that anyone who spends much time around a cat, typically will attempt to understand her.

I think you’ll agree that cats are beyond understanding on a simple level. How can you say, “My cat is bold.” Or “That cat is clever or stupid or clumsy or comical.” In fact, haven’t you discovered that as soon as you’ve pegged your cat—“This cat takes his afternoon nap on the bed every day at one thirty sharp…” he changes. He begins playing with his toys at that time of day or bird-watching, or meowing for a treat.

Yes, understanding a cat is a full-time job that never seems to lead to solid conclusions, except maybe that cats are complex. That, I think all philosophers and cat owners will agree on. Complexity, in fact, may be a cat’s super power.

Here’s another interesting piece where an ethicist attempts to respond about a bully cat.

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