Thoughts for Thursday – Don’t Feed That to Your Cat!

Today, let’s talk turkey…and stuffing and loaded mashed potatoes… What I want to tell you is be careful what your cat eats from the Thanksgiving table.

Sure, a bite or three or four of lean turkey and giblets is okay for your cat, but keep her away from anything with onions, garlic, and for most cats, dairy. This means no loaded mashed potatoes (loaded with cream, butter, and garlic, for example), no green bean casserole, and definitely no stuffing.

Ever hear of Heinz body anemia? That’s the reason we don’t give cats onions and garlic. They can cause this disease. Symptoms include fever, loss of appetite, fast heart-rate, lethargy, pale lips and gums, for example. And it’s a serious illness for cats. If you’re having Thanksgiving at home or if you like to bring home a kitty-bag for your cat, reconsider. Just pass the turkey in their direction—no fat, no skin, just the good stuff, but without the gravy. Here’s more on the issue.

How serious is Heinz body anemia? It can be fatal. And a cat can also get it by licking the sunscreen and other lotion off your skin and ingesting the ingredients in mothballs. But the biggest culprit and the most common is onions and garlic. Did you know that even baby food has onions and garlic in it? Most baby food is not good for cats. Here’s more about Heinz body anemia.

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