Frivolous Friday – Declawing Ban Passed in Denver

Denver is the first US city outside of California to ban the declawing of cats. There are eight cities in California with that ban in place, including Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Declawing is a gruesome subject, but one that needs to be discussed when someone is considering this surgery for their cats. Frankly, I’m against it. I tend to believe the horror stories and the trauma this surgery can cause for some cats. The little claw marks here and there on some of my favorite furniture are testimony to that. (Why is it that your favorite pieces of furniture are also the cat’s favorites?” Hey, that would make a good quote for one of those cat-a-day calendars. And it has probably been said before because it’s so obvious. That’s where the cats go to knead and to curl up.

Wishing you all a lovely Black Friday whether you spend it shopping in the mall frenzy or relaxing at home with your leftovers and your cats.

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