Mindful Monday – Gumby Cats

Now here’s an interesting concept. Researchers/scientists have raised the question as to whether a cat can be considered a liquid. They say that a liquid is traditionally designed as a material that adapts its shape to fit a container. And some say this also defines the gumby-like, squishy, adaptable cat.

You’ve seen photos and videos of cats squeezed into tiny spaces, oozing over the top of small boxes, peering out from inside a space that is logically way to small for his body. If you’re interested in scientific concepts, you’ll want to read this piece. Ever hear of the Deborah Number, the Reynolds Number, or the Weissenberg Number?

According to the author of this concept, all of the intricate studies related to liquid can include the cat. This guy must have a lot of time on his hands and cats in his life.


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