Newsday Tuesday – Pets and Domestic Violence

October was Domestic Violence Month. And this is not probably of much interest to most of my followers. However, did you know that pets can play a huge role in this horrendous crime? A large percentage of people say they stay in violent situations because of their pets—to protect their pets. Sometimes pets are used as scapegoats or punching bags, so to speak, in these severely dysfunctional families.

This is why so many humane organizations and shelter directors have stepped up to provide emergency shelter and care in cases where the pet is in danger.

There’s another important bit of legislation that I neglected to report on recently—and it happened right here in California. Pet stores in this state can sell only rescued cats, dogs, and rabbits. And it is my understanding that California is the only state to pass such a ban on puppy, kitten, and bunny mills.

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