Frivolous Friday — Do Cats Need Claws?

The declaw controversy comes up every once in a while and, whenever anyone mentions it to me I feel sick. If the professionals and owners whose cats suffered after this surgery are to be believed, declawing a cat is still considered a barbaric action and should be a last resort—an injury so severe the claws can’t be saved, for example. This link will explain why.

Yeah, when you have cats, your furniture may suffer. But it’s your choice. Can your furniture bring you as much pleasure as the right cat can?

And, hey, there are things you can do to protect your furniture—but a cat who happens to get out of your control (slips out through a loose window screen in summer, is accidentally let out by a visiting two-year-old), cannot protect herself from another cat attack or a dog attack, for example.

As I understand it, not only is declawing a serious surgery, a cat who’s claws have been removed can become a behavioral problem in other areas. This can add to the cat’s behavioral problems. And you may not know there are alternatives to declawing: keep your cat’s claws trimmed. But first, learn how to trim them so you don’t take the claw down to the quick. Here’s a good link showing how to trim your cat’s claws. If you simply can’t do it, your veterinarian will or a local groomer who works with cats.


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