Thoughts for Thursday – Cats to the Rescue

As cat people, we often focus on rescuing cats, encouraging others to rescue cats, helping new cat owners understand safety issues for their new cat, supporting cat rescue facilities and so forth. But there are also cats who rescue people. We’ve talked here about therapy cats, cats that can detect tumors and other illnesses, but today I’d like to talk about cats that seem to address emotional issues

Have you ever adopted a cat or welcomed a stray into your home and soon realized that the cat may have saved your life or your sanity. I think many of us have taken in a cat when we were hurting or vulnerable. Do you recall how much that cat meant to you—how much comfort and peace and even healing you felt coming from the cat? I know people who swear their cat is a healer—that her presence helped to heal a broken heart or even an illness. And what about a relationship?

Did you know that a cat can brighten and bring laughter and joy to a formerly joyless home? A friend recently told me about a home without light. The light had gone out for this couple probably because of illness, fear, worry. The couple had turned away from one another. It didn’t help that their beloved cat had died. Months later, a kitten showed up practically on their doorstep. Individually they thought of all the reasons why they should not open their door to her. It would be too much trouble. She might not fit their lifestyle. Their negativity prevented them from giving the kitten a chance. But the kitten persisted.

Finally they let the homeless kitten into their home. Before long, she wormed her way into their hearts, as well. Soon the people in the house were laughing together. They were reaching out to others telling them about their wonderful kitten, sharing stories with others and sharing the joy with each other.

This is the sort of kitten rescue operation I like hearing about. And the best part…this kitten will be loved and adored and pampered for the rest of her life.

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