Thoughts for Thursday – Adora-Dorable Kittens

Heart-melting, that’s what a kitten is. They’re so sweet, cute, funny. When you see one who’s lost or waiting for a home in a shelter, you just want to cuddle with it and take it home with you. How many kittens have you brought home this season? Those born in late June are ready to be adopted. There still might be some older kittens in your local shelters born in the spring and still waiting for a home. And, of course, you’ll probably find older cats who have been bypassed. If you have an empty spot in your home and in your heart, this is a good time to consider adopting a cat or a kitten.

Most of you reading this blog have more than one cat—because they’re like potato chips, right? You can’t have just one. Most of us, in the past, have had as many as 8 or 10 cats at a time because it used to be less common to keep a cat inside. We weren’t able to spay or neuter a kitten until they were around six months old. Put those two elements together and you end up with kittens. So the number of cats in your household naturally increased dramatically if you had a female. I’ve allowed about three litters of kittens to be born in my watch–back in the sixties and seventies. And I fostered an additional three or four litters from cats I adopted who were with kittens or working friend’s cats with kittens.

Truth is that most of us like to start out with a kitten when we decide to add one more furball to our home.

How many of you have adopted adult cats or almost grown cats? I’ve taken in half-dozen or so adult cats—but I must admit—I’ve raised most of my cats over the years from kittens. I’ve fostered cats—certainly not to the extent that some of you do—and found homes for them. And once I even inherited four beautiful adult cats—all rescues belonging to a friend who died much too young. That story is in my book, Catscapades, True Cat Tales.


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