Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – How to Take Your Cat Anywhere

In my Klepto Cat Mystery stories, the starring cat, Rags, sometimes gets carried, packed, carted, driven, flown, etc. to unusual places. He’s ridden into desolate wilderness on horseback. He’s gone on road trips in the car. He’s flown on commercial airlines. In an upcoming story, he’s going hiking. And he has needed various types of containers and carriers for his adventures.

Now, I’ve seen car restraints for cats and dogs, strollers

for cats and dogs, a variety of carriers, and, of course, harnesses and leashes for both cats and dogs. I’ve even seen people out for a neighborhood walk, carrying cats around on their shoulders and in slings, as well as in wagons and carriers and baskets on bicycles. But in the story I’m working on, Rags is going on a hike and I didn’t want him to have to walk four miles. That didn’t seem healthy even for Rags. So I thought about putting Rags into a backpack. Would that be comfortable for him to ride in? Perhaps he could ride on top of a backpack. With his harness on and his leash tied off, he might be secure. Then I did some research (there’s a lot of research involved in writing fiction). Turns out there are backpacksfor cats. Check it out here: http://www.adventurecats.org/gear-safety/backpacks-best-cats/

So the next time you want to include your cat in an excursion or outing of any kind, you have no excuse for not taking him. Just make sure that he is comfortable, that he is secure and won’t dart away from you if startled, that you don’t make him walk on hot pavement, and that he is kept safe from predators and cat-nappers while traveling.

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