Newsday Tuesday – Cats Contribute to Your Decor

Yesterday we talked about the challenges that sometimes come with a cat. While some are dream kitties, others can be a handful. And boy can they be creative. Just having a cat in the house can change your décor. For example, just walk on the floor barefoot and you’ll feel as though you’re living on an island in the South Seas—a very sandy island. How in the world does the kitty litter from the box tucked discretely in the back room of the house find its way into rooms in the front of the house? I wasn’t aware of how far and wide kitty litter can travel (or be tracked) until we pulled up a bunch of carpeting and polished the wood floors underneath.

Homes with cats are decorated with cat hair and so are the people who live there. I have few black items of clothing, but what I have, I keep covered in plastic. When I want to wear black slacks, I put them on just before leaving the house. Problem is, if I get into my car to drive someplace, I arrive with cat hair because it’s also on my car seats. There’s no getting away from cat hair when you live with cats.

What about your cats’ artwork. When Lily was a kitten, she used to scratch the paint off the walls in the hallway. Why, I could never figure out. But when it was time to paint that area—which came about sooner than we’d planned—much of the sanding was already done thanks to Lily.

Ever move a favorite chair or the sofa to clean under it or rearrange your furniture and realize someone—probably someone with a furry face and whiskers—has been using the back of it for clawing? Dang, those little whipper-snappers can be sneaky.

Sophie is a shredder. She loves to shred paper and make herself a cozy nest.

My mother’s cat, Smokey, has practically demolished a box in her garage. He might consider this artwork, but it’ll probably be going into the recycle bin sometimes soon.

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