Frivolous Friday – Cats That Return From the Grave

I don’t actually believe that cats reincarnate—however I guess it’s possible. But sometimes a cat comes into your life with some uncanny resemblances to cats you’ve loved in the past. Our tabby Lily, for example, doesn’t look like any of the other cats we’ve had. I’ve never chosen (or been chosen by) a tabby before. But she sure behaves like some of our former cats.

She is a sweet girl who seems to have taken up the job of adoring me since my beloved Katy (a Himalayan) danced across the rainbow bridge. So naturally, I see a bit of Katy-kitty in our Lily. She’s totally dedicated to me just like Katy was.

She loves to eat. Our tortie, Sophie, doesn’t seem all that interested in food—she can take it or leave it. She will leave her plate at the most insignificant occurrence. The whole household must freeze in place while Sophie is eating, or she simply won’t eat. Not Lily. She begs like a dog. She follows us around the kitchen, ever-watching just in case we offer her a morsel, or something yummy drops to the floor. She reminds us an hour before each meal that she’s hungry. She seems obsessed with making sure she doesn’t miss a meal. This behavior is reminiscent of Dinah—a sweet calico we adopted from the shelter. She actually got her name because we noticed she hung out with us in the kitchen so much. Remember the song, “Someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah?”

Lily has traits like our cat, Winfield (who now lives somewhere over the rainbow bridge with Dinah and Katy), because she loves water. She LOVES drinking it, playing in it, putting her toys in it… She has a fountain, four water bowls, and she begs to drink out of the tap every chance she gets. Winfield also had a fascination for water. In fact, he drank water with his paw. No kidding. He’d dip his rather furry paw into the water and lick the drops off.

It’s not often that a kitten comes from out of nowhere and brings you constant memories of cats you’ve loved before. What a treat.


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  1. Nancy Henson says:

    I love this story about Lily. Its wonderful you have this live remembrance of a previous loving pet. I had a cat once that loved water. In fact, I found him sleeping in the dish drainer one day. Although I had a dishwasher, I’d hand wash certain large things and leave them to air dry in the drainer so sometimes water would gather along the side. He could have slept on the dry counter but preferred to be in the water on the drain board.

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