Thoughts for Thursday – Have You Picked Your Cat’s Godparents?

Heavenly Cats

If you’ve loved cats for a long time, you’ve probably experienced at least one heartbreaking goodbye. Typically, it’s the pet parent who helps a beloved fur-friend over the rainbow bridge. (This photo shows several of my beloved kitty-cats who have crossed over.) There are Winfield, Daisy, Rosie, Crystal, Mandy, Gus, and Maggie.)

Have you ever thought about what will become of your cats should something happen to you? Who will feed them, give them a warm place to sleep, and, most of all, love them? More and more cat parents of all ages are making plans for the care of their tabbies, torties, and Himmies should their cats outlive them.

I actually became a godparent to four beautiful, well-loved cats once. My friend had set up a trust in my name to help care for her cats—in case she should die, which she did. She suggested I use the money in case they became ill or to donate to a facility if I needed to place them in one. As it turned out, I found homes for all of the cats—most of them with people close to my deceased friend—her brother, her fiancé, a co-worker, and a good friend of mine.

Think about it today. Who would be willing and able to take care of your beloved cat if you were unable to do it? Do you have someone in mind? Someone with the same kitty-cat values as you have—someone who would keep your kitty-cat’s lifestyle as constant as possible.

If you don’t have someone to turn to if the worst should happen, consider a retirement home for your cat(s). You didn’t know there are retirement homes for cats? There sure are. Here’s one in Tucson. If you live abroad, consider this one in England: And here’s a site that offers links to cat retirement homes in California, Colorado, New York, New Jersey, and Illinois.

A few years ago—before Cat Fancy Magazine quit publishing the print version—I wrote an article for them on this topic. Here’s a link to that article.

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