Frivolous Friday – What’s Your Cat Trying to Tell You?

If you’ve lived with a cat for a while, you know that she has a mind of her own. She may even have a vocabulary. She understands certain words, she seems to have a built-in clock, and she certainly picks up on some of your gestures.

My mother uses the term “supper” for all of the meals she serves her cat, Smokey. So he knows that when he hears that one word, it means food. He also seems to understand “treat.” And he has trained everyone who visits my mother to give him some of his treats as soon as they walk in. How? By meowing at you, rolling around in front of you, bumping you hard with his body if you’re trying to walk into another room, rolling over your feet if you’re sitting down.

Yes, cats can communicate. A cat might use their eyes, voice, and/or body to convince you to turn on the water at the spigot for her, to feed her, give her treats, to let her in or out, to brush her, or just to pet her.

Lily has an itch that plagues her sometimes. The vet has ruled out fleas and doesn’t think

Lily lapping it up.

it’s neurological or stress. But nearly every evening, she swishes her tail and begins sort of twitching. She bites at the base of her tail. Some evenings it’s worse and sometimes quite mild. When I see this, I get her rubber brush out and call to her. She rushes to me, lays down flat on her stomach and enjoys a little gentle brushing. This seems to soothe her. Maybe it’s just a ploy to get my attention.

We all know cats who are expert at getting our attention—waking us up too early in the morning, for example, by jumping on us or knocking things off the nightstand. A hungry cat is often an annoying cat. Many cats know how to get food NOW.

Here’s a link you might enjoy. It features 10 signs that your cat is trying to tell you something. Enjoy:


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