Thoughts for Thursday – Cats in the Hood

Monday, I talked about the outside versus inside cat controversy. Did this conversation strike a chord with you? Are you pro or con either side?

While I keep my cats inside, I sure do enjoy seeing cats roaming the neighborhood—lolling on our deck, sleeping under the shade of a tree in our backyard, watching as I garden, perched on a rooftop, or curled up in a birdbath. And I often photograph them.

I look for cats when I travel—in windows and on porches of the homes I pass, hunting in an empty lot, even inside stores—you know, shop cats. When I travel without seeing cats, I miss mine all the more. And this happens more often than not.

However, as you know, there are now cat cafés abroad and even here in the states and, you


might recall that I featured a cat wine bar in this blog. It just came to my attention that there’s a cat café in Santa Barbara. Their goal is to raise adoption rates and help to inspire more support for local shelters. They serve coffee and tea, smoothies and juices. It appears that you need to make an appointment in order to visit the cats. Learn more here and see pictures of adorable kitties:

I ate at a restaurant once while traveling where cats roamed in and out. That was before cat cafes and probably under the radar of authorities. For me, it was a treat. These cats were formerly feral cats who found a kind lady willing to feed them and they stayed.




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