Mindful Monday –Your Cat’s Snuggle Habits



Is your cat a cuddler or does he prefer to sleep and nap alone? I find cats’ snuggle habits (or lack of) interesting. I’ve had standoffish cats who would only allow you to pet them on occasion—practically giving you full petting instructions. You know the type; they present their butt and encourage a little scratching above the tail. They might head-butt you, but if you rub their fur the wrong way, they’ll also give you a nip with their teeth or roll over and unsheathe their claws.

There are cats who can’t get enough attention—they lily8months-037shamelessly throw themselves at you, jumping into your lap every time you sit down, sleeping on your pillow at night and purring so loud, you can’t fall asleep… This cat is in your face, wrapping herself around your ankles and climbing up your leg in order to seek attention.

In my world, a cat’s fur is meant to be petted. Who can resist wanting to cuddle with an adorable cat? And how disappointing to be in the company of a gorgeous untouchable feline.

Some people appreciate aloofness in cats. They’d rather look across the room at a lovely cat, relate to the cat at a bit of a distance and some cats prefer that, too.

What is your cat preference? The snuggler or the unapproachable cat? The friendly kitty or the cat who’s remote and standoffish? Do you enjoy your cats up close and personal or would you rather put her on a shelf and gaze at her from a distance?

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