Frivolous Friday – Would a Cat Really Do That?

cat-eye-cover-final-sm1I have a lot of fun writing my Klepto Cat Mystery stories. As some of you know, there’s been quite a surge of cozy mysteries with cats coming out in recent years. I’ll be sharing information about a new series featuring Sneaky, a library cat soon. Watch for it next Tuesday. Sneaky wrote the guest blog all by himself—well, maybe with a little help from his author.

Some authors feature talking and thinking cats in their cozy mysteries. And that’s fun—imagining what the cat is thinking—seeing things from the cat’s perspective. There’s nothing wrong with that and there are many fans who prefer the talking/thinking cat. When I started writing the Klepto Cat Mystery, however, it didn’t occur to me to give the star cat a voice. I promote Rags as an ordinary cat with some extraordinary habits. He also has an exceptional sense of intuition. Even the local detective, Craig Sledge, sometimes relies on Rags’s instincts.

He has led authorities to missing persons. He escaped once from his house in order to help a lost and ailing cat he saw outside. He snuggled with her overnight keeping her warm until they were discovered and rescued. He was brought into the Sheriff’s station in order to see if he could identify a murderer—twice. And he did so in his catlike way. Rags is the one who found a little girl who had been kidnapped and he kept his feline friend Dolly safe when they were left to die in the rugged mountains.

Rags has an incredible sense of who to and who not to trust and he’s developed some interesting methods of revealing this information to his people.

Yes, he’s one amazing cat, but he also causes his share of trouble throughout the pages of

Portrait of a Cat

Portrait of a Cat

the Klepto Cat Mysteries. His primary naughty acts involve escaping out into the world. But how else would we get some of these fascinating scenarios with him if he were closed up in the house 24/7?

In the latest book, Rags and Dolly escape from Dolly’s new home. The people who made the new screen for the bathroom window didn’t get a very good fit and the cats noticed this and took advantage of it. As a result, Rags and Dolly have two full days of adventure, most of it caught on various home and business surveillance cameras, which are confiscated and reviewed in order to discover what the cats were up to during that time. It’s important that they know the cats’ travel route because Rags comes home with a clue to a missing person.

Haven’t you always wanted to put a GoPro camera on your outside cat to find out what he does every day? Well, here’s your chance to follow Rags on one of his CATscapades. Order your print or Kindle copy here now:  


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2 Responses to Frivolous Friday – Would a Cat Really Do That?

  1. CAROL VANATTA says:

    I have tried to read thinking cat stories and find them uninteresting.
    I much prefer my cat stories to have intuitive cars like RAGSDALE.
    He doesn’t need a “voice ” to tell what is on his mind , his ACTIONS , speak louder than words ever could.
    I hope you never change your style of writing .

  2. Patricia says:

    Thank you for your comments, Carol and the encouragement.
    So glad you are enjoying Rags’s adventures.

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