Frivolous Friday – Cool Cats

LilyChairThere’s probably not another creature in the universe who can become (or appear to be) as relaxed as the cat. However, is she really as relaxed as she seems? Just step into the room where she’s sleeping or make some sort of noise and she is instantly alert and ready to pounce or defend or whatever the moment calls for her to do.

While cats can go from what seems to be aMullicanFamilyJuly2009 005 deep sleep to high alert in a nano-second, this is not their preference or their tendency. Typically, as you have noticed, your cat will wake up with a stretch and a yawn—for Lily, it is usually a yawn and then a full-body stretch. We should all take note. I’m sure this is healthier than leaping out of bed upon hearing the alarm clock and rushing off to the bathroom. Instead, we should turn off the alarm, take a deep breath, and stretch every muscle in our body before stepping lilysophie-030-2foot on the floor. Yawning, I imagine, is optional.

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