Frivolous Friday—Where Does Your Cat Sleep?

lily2My dad had a refrigerator magnet that said, “If you want the best seat in the house, move the cat.” Those of you with cats certainly know the truth in that quip. Cats are not shy about charting out their territory and it’s usually where you’d rather they not shed, claw, or hack up a fur-ball.

We buy our cats cozy beds, but will they use them? Actually, our Sophie and Lily do, but they’re the first cats I’ve ever had who would curl up in their own designated bed. And it’s so cute when they do.

However, they don’t always sleep in their own beds. Both of our fur-girls prefer a easter2010-023human-size bed. But they also sleep across the back of the sofa by morning—to catch the rays shining through the window. Lily claims my lap as I work at the computer on a cloudy day and during the early morning hours before the sun’s up. She also likes my office chair and seems to know when I’m through for the day. Lily likes to tunnel. When she was a kitten, you’d often find her sleeping in the carpeted tunnel of the cat tree or inside the long tube we brought home for her to play inside. She also likes to crawl in under the blankets on my bed for a long, undisturbed afternoon nap.

You may have noticed that cats sleep a lot. Although, I’ve often wondered how deeply they sleep because they can sure wake up fast and without seeming groggy. According to Amy Shojai, animal behaviorist, cats sleep about 2/3 of their life away—that’s about 16 hours per day—more than almost any other animal. For more about cats and sleep, read Amy’s article here:

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