Thoughts for Thursday—The Power of a Kitten

Kitten 2ullSizeRenderYou may notice I’ve changed the title for the Thursday posts. Why? Well, in the beginning, I thought we’d do some giveaways. But no one seems interested. On Thursdays, we’ll now focus on something that encourages thought.

Today, I’d like to introduce a kitten who is so new and so unexpected that he or she still doesn’t have a name. Upon seeing her picture, I’ve decided she’s a girl and I’ll refer to her as such in this post. Since she should have a name, as well, let’s call her Amelia. Although, as far as we know, she has never flown, she is somewhat of an adventurer. I have this vision of her fleeing from a bad situation and waiting alongside the road for the right car carrying the right person. That person was Joanne. Of course, Joanne swerved, stopped, and pulled over when she saw the tiny kitten in front of her. And she did more—she picked Amelia up and took her home.

From the stories I’m hearing, Amelia is a charmer who has endeared herself to the couple KittenFullSizeRenderin the home as well as extended family members who make regular visits to play with and cuddle Amelia. Because of little Amelia, there’s more smiling going on in that family and more laughter in the household.

Kittens are magical in that they can change the very atmosphere in which we live. If you’ve ever adopted a kitten or had one visit, you know exactly what I mean. A tiny kitten such as Amelia has the ability to calm nerves, slow our pace, warm our heart, and increase our sense of joy. It’s well known that pets can encourage us to relax and can actually lower our blood pressure caused from stress. They can also help improve symptoms of depression.

What power these tiny fur-babies carry. You go, Amelia!

In case you’re interested, here’s a site listing 27 ways pets can improve your health.

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  1. Linda Faa says:

    I loved this blog . . . you have put this adorable young kitten’s life into such a beautiful and meaningful perspective! You are a GREAT communicator and friend to all cats! Perhaps someone else will read this blog and think twice about a adopting a stray who serendipitously crosses their path. Let’s hope!

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