Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday—More Interesting Cat Holidays

We talked about National Tabby Day yesterday. This month we also observe ASPCA Prevention of Animal Cruelty and National Pet First Aid Awareness. Hairball Awareness Day is this week—either April 28 or 29, depending on which site you visit.

And don’t forget National Kids and Pets Day, which was yesterday…April 26. It wouldn’tmarmaladeremodel-006 hurt to celebrate this one for the rest of the week, though. To learn more about this holiday visit All For Animals at http://www.allforanimals.org. And if you have children or grandchildren or neighbors who love animals or who could use some guidance in how to treat animals, please, please buy Karen Lee Stevens’ book, “Animals Have Feelings, Too.”

I’ve been asked when the next Klepto Cat Mystery is scheduled for release–book 17, A Meowvelous Witness is with the formatter as we speak. I write it and she gets it ready to publish on Kindle. I’ll let you know when to expect it as soon as I know her schedule. More good news: Book 14, Meow for the Money, is in print and Claws for a Cause is following right in it’s footprints.

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