Frivolous Friday—What’s Your Favorite Cat Type

pg19-bWhile some people look at a cat and see a small creature with fur, sharp claws, and little distinction between them, those of us who adore cats notice every tiny difference. We recognize the variety in coat, eye shape, coloring, body style, personality and so forth. In fact, the ordinary cat is far from ordinary when you compare her to all the others. They come with long fur, short fur, curly fur, plush fur, and no fur; they might be gangly, compact, agile, clumsy, active, quiet, vocal, friendly, frightened, aloof…and the list goes on.

Did you know that there are 73 recognized breeds? That is according to the International Progressive Cat Breeders organization. The more well-known, Cat Fancier’s Association recognizes only 41 (or 44, depending on the source).

While most of us are exposed to the less exotic cat we find in friends’ homes, see on the

Kittens waiting for a home

Kittens waiting for a home

streets, visit at local shelters, there are indeed some interesting breeds, such as the Munchkin, Chantilly-tiffany, Cymric, Foldex, Ocicat, Pixie-bob, and Ragamuffin, to name a few. This is from a list of around 100 and 25 of those are crossbred. Fourteen of them are mutations. There are a few hybrids thrown in there, too—including the Savannah and the Bengal.

My favorite cat style leans toward the Persian, Maine coon, Norwegian Forest Cat. I love the fur. HOWEVER, after living with two plush absolute shedding machines who do not relish being combed, and having gone through a couple of vacuum cleaners, I’ve come to appreciate our short-haired tortie more.

How about you? What’s your favorite cat style? Sleek, fuzzy, cobby body, lanky, any particular color? Spotted, striped, tabby, orange… One of my daughters loves brown cats. Some people are attracted to black ones. Often, however, we take in the cat who needs us without prejudice. Now that’s what defines a true cat person.

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2 Responses to Frivolous Friday—What’s Your Favorite Cat Type

  1. I tend to be drawn to the orange cats in particular. I also find myself drawn to Siamese and Siamese mix cats as well as dilute torties. I always find it interesting to know which cats my friends are drawn to as well.

  2. Patricia says:

    That’s quite a wide range of cat types. The orange females, torties/calicos, and Siamese cats can be feisty. Orange males and can be quite docile and sweet. So what purrsonalities attract you? While one of my daughters seems to be drawn to cats with big personalities–they can be quite a challenge–I like sweet-spirited kitties.
    I wonder what our cat preferences say about us.

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