Bring Your Best Game Thursday—Playing With Your Cat

021Cats are natural playmates. There’s nothing more charming than watching kittens at play. Even grown cats can appear kittenish at times as they bat at a feather toy, or roll around clutching a stuffed bird in their claws, or leap at a wriggling string.

Did you know that cat behaviorists advise against playing with your cat or kitten using your hands? Hands are for petting and feeding. As you know, if you play rough, a cat or kitten will learn to scratch and bite. Most kittens learn from their mother and littermates to play gentle. If they don’t get that opportunity or if they get adopted into a family that plays rough, this lesson may go by the wayside.

Experts recommend regular play sessions for all cats, in particular those who tend to be marmaladeremodel-004overweight. Purchase or devise wands with feathers on the end. Encourage your cat to chase and leap. We avoid those wands with strings at our house. One of our kittens got tangled in a string once. A frightening experience for her. Another good toy for a cat who loves to eat is a ball that dispenses dry food or treats as the cat bats it around. She has to work for her treat.

You may notice that the stance, form, and activities your cat or kitten adopts during play closely resemble those he displays while hunting.

Did you know there are cat games you can play online? Lots of them. Here are a few sites where you can find them—some are actually free.

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